International training/production workshop on cultural journalism

Rome/Perugia (Italy), 3-7 December 2018

With the aim to reinforce the skills of journalists from the Maghreb and Balkans TV members of COPEAM on cultural journalism, RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana organized, in collaboration with COPEAM and in partnership with ASBU, a 5-day workshop in Italy, between Rome and Perugia, from 3 to 7 December 2018.

The workshop, allying theoretical training and practical exercises and relying on the competences and experience of journalists and directors working in this field, aimed at:

  • Raising beneficiaries’ awareness on the strategic importance of cultural and artistic promotion on…

A peer-to-peer exchange on public service broadcasting

Tunis, 23-24 April 2018

COPEAM and the EU-funded MedMedia project organised a 2-day final workshop involving the South-Med national broadcasters on “Standards and principles of the public service mission”.

Held in Tunis last April, the event marked the end of a four-year peer-to-peer multilateral exchange and capacity-building programme addressed to the managers and executives coming from COPEAM broadcasting members.

During this closing workshop, the delegates of 7 public broadcasters – including Soread-2M in Morocco, the Algerian EPTV and EPRS, the Tunisian public TV and radio, Al Mamlaka TV in Jordan, Radio Liban – devised…

A new strategic partnership to promote the TV series sector development

On 1st December 2017, the FIEST – International training for TV series writing – project started officially. A partnership composed of COPEAM, the international university Uninettuno (Italy), France Télévisions and 5 cinema and audiovisual schools – ALBA (Lebanon), ESAV (Morocco), INSAS (Belgium), ESAV Toulouse (France) and ESAC (Tunisia) – submitted a proposal in the framework of the EU Erasmus+ programme (“Strategic partnerships for higher education” chapter) aimed at setting up a pilot training in the field of TV series writing.


 In the recent years, the TV series genre has been rapidly expanding. The global…

COP23: a COPEAM transnational newsroom to deal with climate issues

Bonn, 14-17 November 2017

Following two theoretic training workshops (in Tunisia in 2015 and in Morocco in 2016), that were aimed at providing the journalists involved with the basic notions concerning the climate change and the environmental challenges at the heart of the different international conferences on climate, this year the partnership between COPEAM and the European Investment Bank evolved into the creation of a transnational newsroom to ensure the media coverage of the COP23, the UN global conference on climate, which took place in Bonn (Germany) from 6 to 17 November 2017.

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2nd edition of the workshop “Media in favour of female entrepreneurs” #tunisia

Tunis, 6-9 November 2017

The training/production workshop for journalists on the topic “Media in favour of female entrepreneurs” took place in Tunis from 6 to 9 November 2017. Organized by COPEAM with the support of UNESCO* and in collaboration with the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), it was addressed to a group of journalists from the Tunisian public radio and television and the web press.

The initiative aimed to enhance women’s contribution to the Tunisian economy through the production of news about successful stories in the country, able to promote the entrepreneurial vocation and become sources…

AGEMI – Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries

A multidisciplinary European consortium was awarded a grant by the European Commission’s General Directorate for Justice and Consumers to develop an action intended to advance gender equality in the media industries. The project will bring journalism and communication students together with media professionals so as to foster a gender equality perspective within both journalism and media education and professional practices, and to bridge the transition between education and employment. The project team will design a web platform which will become the go-to resource for individuals and organisations interested in promoting gender equality and which will include: a database of…

Capacity building: “Managing the digital transition: a training challenge for media organizations”

This event is funded by the European Union

Considered the very encouraging results of the peer-to-peer activity implemented by COPEAM and MedMedia (EU-funded project aimed to facilitate the progress of media reforms in the MENA region) in 2015-2016 and intended to reinforce gender-equality policies and to counter sexist stereotypes in 9 TV and radio public South-Mediterranean broadcasters associated to COPEAM, a new capacity-building exchange process is launched to strengthen the planning and implementing in-house training strategies and plans capable, notably, to manage the digital transition challenges: “Managing the digital transition: a training challenge for media organizations”.

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Training project in Algeria “Media in favour of female entrepreneurs”

Algiers/Tipaza, 16-19 January 2017

The training/production workshop for journalists on the topic “Media in favour of female entrepreneurs” took place in Algeria from 16 to 19 January 2017. Organized by COPEAM in collaboration with the EPRS (the Algerian Public Radio), with the support of the French Embassy in Algeria (Service for Cooperation and Cultural Action) and the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, it was addressed to a group of 15 journalists from the Algerian public radio and television and the APS-Algeria Press Service.

The initiative aimed to enhance women’s contribution to the Algerian economy through the production of…

The second COPEAM-BEI training seminar for journalists on climate change held in Morocco

Ouarzazate and Marrakech, 12 – 14 November 2016

The second training seminar organised by COPEAM in collaboration with the EIB – European Investment Bank and the European Union, was held in Morocco (Ouarzazate and Marrakech) from 12 to 14 November 2016 in the framework of COP22 (world conference on climate). The initiative was addressed to the journalists from the Mediterranean public radios and TVs and was devoted to the topic “Informing and raising awareness about climate challenges and sustainable development”.

The training was aimed at providing the journalists with the basic knowledge about the…