Capacity building: “Managing the digital transition: a training challenge for media organizations”

EuropeFlag This event is funded by the European Union

Considered the very encouraging results of the peer-to-peer activity implemented by COPEAM and MedMedia (EU-funded project aimed to facilitate the progress of media reforms in the MENA region) in 2015-2016 and intended to reinforce gender-equality policies and to counter sexist stereotypes in 9 TV and radio public South-Mediterranean broadcasters associated to COPEAM, a new capacity-building exchange process is launched to strengthen the planning and implementing in-house training strategies and plans capable, notably, to manage the digital transition challenges: "Managing the digital transition: a training challenge for media organizations".

In total, 9 public broadcasters from 7 countries participate in this 9-month programme: Radio Algérienne (EPRS), Soread-2M Morocco, Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU), Jordan Radio and Television (JRTV), Palestine Broadcasting Corporation (PBC), Radio Liban, TéléLiban, Radio Tunisienne and Télévision Tunisienne.

The programme is based on the premise that managing the digital transition is one of the key challenges radio and TV broadcasters have to face today. To compete in the current fast-paced, digitized and multichannel world, each organisation must work not only on the technological change, but also on the editorial and cultural transformation required by the digital environment. The need of up-skilling the organisation’s personnel, of reshaping workflows and professional profiles, of overcoming the cultural resistance to change, of refreshing and integrating new skills, of continuously assessing the training needs and of better evaluating the training impact are just some of the components of this global challenge and a well-designed internal training strategy is the key tool to win it.

On this basis, the COPEAM-MedMedia activity addresses training and HR executives of the beneficiary broadcasters who will take part in three workshops - opening workshop in Amman, mid-term workshop in Beirut and closing workshop in Tunis in the early autumn. Three experts in the sector, Gilles Trenel (France Télévisions), Rachida Taame (HR and training expert) and Hala Zureiqat (Roya TV) supervise and monitor the recipients, helping them to identify the main weaknesses and priorities in their respective media outlets, then to develop proper and effective internal policies and strategies related to the digital challenges.

The opening workshop of this multilateral peer-to-peer exchange was held in Amman on 27-28 February 2017, at the Jordan Media Institute.