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A place of honor to the Balkans’ cultural heritage in the first edition of the contest “Making a story from archives”

Zagreb, 26 October 2017

History, gastronomy, traditional music and dances, society and media… These are some of the subjects covered in the 11 archive-based documentaries submitted to COPEAM in the framework of the contest “Making a story from archives”. Launched at the beginning of the year, the initiative was addressed to the young directors of the Balkans’ broadcasting members of COPEAM, and focused on the realization of audiovisual products about the cultural heritage of the Region, by using the archives of their respective organizations.

The contest gathered the young professionals from RTVSLO-Slovenia, HRT-Croatia, TVR-Romania, RTS-Serbia, RTV…

World Radio Day: Radio and sports

13 February 2018

As a member of the World Radio Day committee, COPEAM invites its members to celebrate Radio and Sports, with the aim of strengthening diversity, peace and development through sports broadcasting. 

The radios are then invited to showcase the beauty of sports in all its variety, to celebrate the traditional sports that connect us to our cultural heritage, the grassroots sports that anchor us within our communities and the inspiring stories that challenge gender stereotypes and cover, equally, both men’s and woman’s sports events.

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A new strategic partnership to promote the TV series sector development

On 1st December 2017, the FIEST – International training for TV series writing – project started officially. A partnership composed of COPEAM, the international university Uninettuno (Italy), France Télévisions and 5 cinema and audiovisual schools – ALBA (Lebanon), ESAV (Morocco), INSAS (Belgium), ESAV Toulouse (France) and ESAC (Tunisia) – submitted a proposal in the framework of the EU Erasmus+ programme (“Strategic partnerships for higher education” chapter) aimed at setting up a pilot training in the field of TV series writing.


 In the recent years, the TV series genre has been rapidly expanding. The global…


Generation What? Arabic online in 8 South-Mediterranean countries

The 18-34 generation will build the 21st century, carrying the strengths and hopes of all nations. Generation What? is the first cross-media programme putting the millennial generation under the spotlight. Its Arabic version was launched on 14 March in Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia and on 11 April  in Egypt, Libya and Palestine. 

The project websites, one for each country involved, offers to young people between 18 and 34 the opportunity to take a survey of 167 questions written with the support of sociologists and tailored to each country’s cultural and political context. This survey covers all relevant…

Generation What? Arabic online in 8 South-Mediterranean countries

The new Inter-Rives series devoted to cultural heritage and youth

The new Inter-Rives TV documentary coproduction “Creative memory: the past meets the future”, promoted by COPEAM and ASBU, is ready for broadcast. The filmmakers appointed by the 10 coproducing TVs – EPTV/Algeria, HRT/Croatia, NMA/Egypt, PBC/Palestine, RAI/Italy, RTSH/Albania, RTVE/Spain, SNRT/Morocco, TRT/Turkey, Tunisian Television – have attended the two exchange workshops (Tunis and Rome) and completed their documentaries, according to the series’ format and main topic.

Focusing on young people who have been able to creatively and innovatively exploit the cultural heritage of their countries, to favour job opportunities, to promote sustainable tourism, to recover local sites and support old…

The new Inter-Rives series devoted to cultural heritage and youth

Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) – #year1

The AGEMI project takes an innovative and integrated approach to fighting gender stereotypes and promoting an equal, diverse and inclusive media sector. 

One of its core outputs will be an openly accessible resource bank of existing good practices addressed to media industries and other stakeholders willing to implement initiatives in their own organizations to encourage cultural change. With the aim of collecting as many items as possible from around the world, AGEMI invited media professionals to share their good practices trough an online form, thus enriching the database.

In addition, the consortium is developing a…

Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) – #year1

Members' news

Prix Italia 2018: the memory of the future

Prix Italia, the international competition organised by RAI, for top quality Radio, TV and Internet programmes, will celebrate its 70th anniversary from the 26th to 28th September on the island of Capri.

The Festival offers an opportunity for meetings and discussion among professionals about quality, innovation and creativity in the programmes production.

This year, a new Cross-Platform Special Prize will be devoted to multimedia projects celebrating the creative use of archive material of cultural value.

Beside the President of the Italian Republic Special Prize, the official competition will include, as usual, eight…

Prix Italia 2018: the memory of the future

La SNRT remporte le premier prix de la meilleure innovation digitale

La SNRT remporte le premier prix de la meilleure innovation digitale avec son service SNRT LIVE, attribué dans le cadre des MOROCCAN DIGITAL AWARDS organisés par l’AFRICAN DIGITAL SUMMIT 2018

L’AFRICAN DIGITAL SUMMIT est un grand événement annuel organisé par le Groupement des Annonceurs du Maroc (GAM). Il regroupe chaque année les professionnels du marketing et du digital d’Afrique et des autres continents.

L’AFRICAN DIGITAL SUMMIT a organisé sa 4ème édition le 22 et 23 Février 2018. Plus de 1600 participants et professionnels du digital ont pu bénéficier des interventions d’une quarantaine de speakers de haut…

La SNRT remporte le premier prix de la meilleure innovation digitale


Deadline for Submissions: 14 February

The 22nd edition of the festival “Cartoons on the Bay”, organized by RAI, will be held in Turin from 12th to 14th April, 2018.

The Festival aims at supporting and providing an overview of the evolution and new trends in the media and entertainment sector for children and young people.

The programme includes film previews, retrospectives, shows and public projections open to everyone.

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