The 24th Session of the Arab Radio and TV Festival

The Arab Radio and TV Festival is considered as the oldest and most prestigious media, artistic, and technological event in the Arab world. Since its establishment in 1981, it has been one of the most significant events organized by the Arab States Broadcasting Union. It continues to receive growing interest with each edition, standing out as a prominent event that highlights ASBU diverse and multi-faceted annual activities, becoming a highly regarded event that attracts attention within the Arab region and beyond.

Objectives of the Festival :

  • Contributing to the development and promotion of Arab radio and television production, keeping pace with the transformations in the audiovisual media landscape in general, and aligning with the principles set by the Arab States Broadcasting Union.
  • Facilitating communication channels, fostering cooperation, and exchanging experiences among participants in various Festival activities.
  • Encouraging fair competition among creators of television and radio programs, promoting constructive and objective criticism to achieve high-quality, innovative Arab productions.
  • Encouraging producers in both visual and auditory media to increasingly meet the real requirements of Arab audiences, enhancing cultural and scientific awareness, refining aesthetic and artistic tastes in their works.
  • Motivating creators to produce high-quality television and radio content that showcases Arab civilization and reflects contemporary Arab life in its various dimensions.

Activities and Events:

The Festival includes numerous activities and events such as:

  • Competitions: Participants compete in various categories including drama, documentaries, talk shows, and entertainment programs, with awards given to outstanding works. Since 1983, the Festival's awards have been highly credible due to rigorous competition and the high standard of entries, supported by a transparent remote judging system through a specially created digital platform.
  • Seminars: Discussions and lectures on contemporary media topics and technologies, gathering Arab and international experts. Seminars provide professionals and the public an opportunity to discuss current issues and interact.
  • ASBU Broadcast Convention & Programmes Market: Showcasing the latest technologies and tools in radio and television production. Since 2005, this exhibition has become an integral part of the Festival, where production companies present their latest productions and hold meetings with representatives from broadcasting and television authorities for marketing purposes.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies:

These ceremonies are prominent highlights in the history of the festival, which spans over forty years. Each year, these events honor a select group of Arab creatives, including screen stars and media professionals, and celebrate the achievements of outstanding participants in radio and television competitions. These ceremonies also offer a chance to enjoy innovative Arab artistic performances. Since its inception, the Festival has hosted dozens of Arab artists who have enriched the opening and closing nights with high-quality artistic and musical performances. This has attracted larger audiences and increased the Festival's prominence, making it a key cultural event eagerly anticipated by professionals and the public alike each year.

Last year's edition marked a significant milestone, with the closing ceremony held at the ancient Carthage Theater, adding a distinctive popular appeal and a new dimension to the Festival.