COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators) is an international and inter-professional non-profit Association, whose premises were established in Palermo in 1990 and 1994, thanks to two main founding Conferences. It was officially constituted in Cairo in 1996, with the approval of its By-laws by 63 organisations, among which 28 broadcasters. More than 20 years of cooperation in the audiovisual field, more than 100 members from the whole Euro-Mediterranean area, among which 39 broadcasters of the Region.
.....................  Strategy, method and outcome: the “COPEAM formula” is rooted on the promotion and the exchange of know-how and expertise that constitute its network. An important action vis-à-vis the European institutions to claim policies of support to the Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual sector; permanent partnership with the “sister associations” in the European and Arab areas (EBU and ASBU); innovative multilateral projects in the field of training, able to mobilize and involve young professionals from the whole Euro-Mediterranean zone, as far as the Gulf countries; coordination of international co-productions (radio and TV) and of initiatives promoting the “Mediterranean product”; organisation of forums and meetings on topical current issues concerning the media sector.
Audiovisual topics, but not only. COPEAM proposes itself as a laboratory of a new way of making cooperation.
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