Women in Archives: COPEAM launches the second edition of the “Making a story from archives” contest

Following the success of the first edition of the contest, which was dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Balkans, COPEAM launches the second edition of “Making a story from archives” as part of the mission and activities carried out by its Audiovisual Heritage Commission, in synergy with its Gender Equality Commission. This year, the contest is dedicated to the common heritage of Euro-Mediterranean women and girls and the participation has been extended to COPEAM’s South-Mediterranean partner countries.

In recent years, women and girls’ rights and gender equality have been put at the core of international…

The Audiovisual Heritage Commission launches an online survey to define the state of art of Euro-Mediterranean audio and video collections

The Audiovisual Heritage Commission of COPEAM launches an online survey to investigate the current state of the Euro-Mediterranean broadcasters’ audiovisual archives and archive-based associations. In the framework of a rehabilitation strategy to enhance the importance of the audiovisual collections, this survey is composed of four parts that examine the dimension, content and use of archive materials in nowadays TV, radio and web streaming, and includes suggestions to organize future initiatives aimed at promoting the role of these collections and their preservation.           

What is the use of audiovisual archives today? How are recent technology developments transforming…

7th edition of the TV coproduction Inter-Rives: “Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories”.

COPEAM and ASBU have launched the 7th edition of the TV coproduction Inter-Rives: “Harbour cities: places of exchanges and stories“. Each documentary will focus on one or more characters whose lives are linked to those places with a strong symbolic value, with the aim of:

  • plunging the audience in the harbour’s daily life, showing its deep dynamics, its hidden face, its contradictions, its own human and social logics, its most surprising aspects;
  • portraying the harbour’s complex ecosystem and its evolution over the years;
  • discovering the story and the relations between those lives and the port, telling…

A place of honor to the Balkans’ cultural heritage in the first edition of the contest “Making a story from archives”

Zagreb, 26 October 2017

History, gastronomy, traditional music and dances, society and media… These are some of the subjects covered in the 11 archive-based documentaries submitted to COPEAM in the framework of the contest “Making a story from archives”. Launched at the beginning of the year, the initiative was addressed to the young directors of the Balkans’ broadcasting members of COPEAM, and focused on the realization of audiovisual products about the cultural heritage of the Region, by using the archives of their respective organizations.

The contest gathered the young professionals from RTVSLO-Slovenia, HRT-Croatia, TVR-Romania, RTS-Serbia, RTV…

Generation What – Arabic

Funded by the European Commission and developed by EBU (leading partner), ASBU and COPEAM, together with the French production companies Upian and Yami 2, this project builds on the success obtained by the European version of this initiative and is based on an online survey soon available, in its adapted version, in the Arab countries target of the action, with the aim of exploring the expectations, hopes and fears of people aged between 18 and 34.      

The enquiry will be enriched by video content produced by the public broadcasters of the countries involved, thus offering to…

SMED WiA: towards a greater gender equality in the Southern audiovisual and film sectors

Female participation increase in broadcasting and cinema sectors and gender equality promotion in the South-Mediterranean societies are the main objectives of a new project launched in February 2017: “Towards greater gender equality: promoting the role and image of women in the southern Mediterranean audiovisual sector – Smed WiA”.    
This EU-funded initiative will run during a period of 30 months in the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia. Through two open calls it will support, on a sub-granting basis, six to eight projects seeking to achieve the above-mentioned goals. 


The new Inter-Rives series: cultural heritage as an opportunity for the young people

The new series of the TV coproduction Inter-Rives “Creative memory: the past meets the future”, launched in February 2017 by COPEAM and ASBU, enters its operational phase. This series will tell the stories of young people who – thanks to their creativity, their technological or managerial skills, their team-working and networking aptitudes – have been able to turn the places, both physical or symbolic, of their national cultural, historical and archaeological heritage into innovation projects; tourist, artistic and educational initiatives; enterprises, cooperatives and associations, thus contributing to the economic and social development and to the promotion of culture…

The 5th COPEAM-ASBU coproduction “Inter-Rives : stories of travels and seas” is ready to be aired

The COPEAM-ASBU TV coproduction “Inter-Rives: stories of travels and seas” has been achieved. 14 documentaries have been produced by 14 partner televisions: EPTV-Algeria, ERTU-Egypt, HRT-Croatia, RAI-Italy, RTSI-Switzerland, RTVE-Spain, RTVSLO-Slovenia, RTV Vojvodina-Serbia, PBC-Palestine, PBS-Malta, San Marino RTV, SNRT-Morocco, Tunisian Television, TRT-Turkey.

As it was for the previous Inter-Rives series “Sports without borders”, the quality of the products of this 5th edition is generally very high and the variety of the stories and characters makes this new edition a rich portray of the Mediterranean sea; a sea of cultural and human exchanges and of personal challenges, where people…

Couleurs Musicales – 2nd Edition

Initiated and supported by the Médias Francophones Publics (replacing RFP), CIRTEF and COPEAM, Couleurs Musicales, now at its second edition, is a radio coproduction aiming at promoting new talents who are among the most popular and promising in many countries of the world, thanks to the participation of the member radios of CIRTEF (http://www.cirtef.com), of MFP and of COPEAM.

Based on the federating field of music, this series offers to the public a very large range of contemporary music trends from all regions – from Canada to Haiti, from Sub-Saharan Africa to Asia and, thanks…