“Inter-Rives 10 – The Power of Art: Creativity for Change”

Inter Rives is turning 10! In March 2024, COPEAM and ASBU launched the 10th edition of this Euro-Arab project, with a call for participation open to all their member TVs.

With the chosen title of The Power of Art: Creativity for Change, Inter Rives 10 aims to highlight powerful stories of artists all around the Mediterranean region who use their creativity to challenge stereotypes and foster positive change, addressing important topics such as gender equality, minorities’ inclusion, environmental protection and youth empowerment.
Each partner TV will produce a documentary of 13’ on the agreed topic. With the “basket” formula also applying to this edition, the involved broadcasters will get the rights for the whole series.

The first coproduction workshop, gathering the selected film directors and the editorial experts, will take place in Rome in July 2024, giving space to a joint discussion about the editorial framework and the chosen stories and protagonists.

The second and final workshop, dedicated to the joint screening of the rough cuts, is scheduled in Tunis at ASBU premises, in February 2025.