FOTOVISIONI 2006 «Crossing Glances»

After the successful first edition of FOTOVISIONI 2004, the 2006 edition of FOTOVISIONI – devoted to young people and young photographers from the Euro-Mediterranean region, organised by Intesa & C.P.,member of COPEAM,and financed by the European Union in the framework of Euro-Meda Youth project – has been promoted though the broadcasters network of COPEAM : By promoting the photographic contest and broadcasting
a documentary «Crossed glances», after the end of the project, the event, that points out the knowledge between peoples and countries, thanks to a path of images and texts, has crossed the whole Region, by involving…


On the invitation of the Cinémathèque de Corse, the COPEAM Commission Cinema/Festivals/Culture gathered on the 17th December 2005 in Porto Vecchio.

Within the working session it has been envisaged to strengthen the circulation of Mediterranean audiovisual products into the festivals of the region, in particular through an active participation of some Directors or Responsible in charge of Programmes belonging to broadcasters in festivals associated or partnerts of COPEAM.

The necessity of setting up links among the Mediterranean Festivals has also been taken into account by the Commission. The development of contacts among festivals…


42 documentaries and 10 short advertisements, produced by different countries of the Mediterranean region, took part in the First Tourist Communication Award in the suggestive setting of Torre dell’Orso, in Melendugno (Lecce – Italy).
The event, that took place from the 1st to the 5th September, gathered different experts belonging
to communication sector, tourist sector and international institutions who participated in a
round-table devoted to the new tourist communication strategies and in a conference focused on “Telling the Mediterranean”. The event, that is aimed at promoting a new model of sustainable


BAPP is a project concerning the preservation and the safeguard of the TV archives of the South-Eastern European countries promoted by COPEAM (in the framework of its “TV Archives” Permanent Group) and FIAT/AFTA -International Federation of TV Archives. The results of a research carried out, by some ad-hoc experts, within the most part of the Balkan TVs (Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, all members of COPEAM) have pointed out, dramatically, the necessity of drawing up a plan of preservation of the archives of this region that, most of times, are the only memory in images of…


Weekly TV Magazine TV co-produced by RAI (Italy), France 3 and TVE (Spain) and broadcast also in Slovenia, Greece, Jordan, Switzerland (TSI), Algeria, Morocco and by the Palestinian TV, PBC. The trans-national editorial board is settled in Palermo, within RAI regional premises. The programme, that celebrates in 2005 its 10th anniversary, has been developed in the framework of COPEAM « Magazines TV » Commission.

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