BAPP is a project concerning the preservation and the safeguard of the TV archives of the South-Eastern European countries promoted by COPEAM (in the framework of its “TV Archives” Permanent Group) and FIAT/AFTA -International Federation of TV Archives. The results of a research carried out, by some ad-hoc experts, within the most part of the Balkan TVs (Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, all members of COPEAM) have pointed out, dramatically, the necessity of drawing up a plan of preservation of the archives of this region that, most of times, are the only memory in images of a rich patrimony, which belongs to all these countries and to Europe as well. COPEAM and FIAT/IFTA, leaders of the project, decided to create a Task Force, composed of representatives of these two Organisations, as well as of RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana, of INA-National Institute of the French Audiovisual Industry - and of both the public televisions of Greece (ERT) and Romania (TVR). This Task Force has been charged with the setting up of a Feasibility Study that, through a well-structured action plan, envisages the accomplishment of short-term concrete initiatives. Among these, the first activity conceived concerns the organisation of three training seminars, addressed to different categories of archive operators belonging to the involved televisions: archive managers; documentalists; technicians.