Meeting of the TV programmes’ directors 2006

To define the expectations and the needs of broadcastings regarding the international co-production; to promote exchanges among audiovisual professionals: in Lecce (Italy), on last 18 march, during their 4 meeting, the Directors of Programmes of SNRT (Morocco), 2M (Morocco), ENTV (Algeria), RTVA (Andalusia), RAI (Italy), have decided the creation of a working group on the new TV Formats. The mission of the Group will be the analysis of the technological evolutions that can foster the conception of new formats.
The work of the group will take into consideration the concept of territoriality, that has never been completely examined in this domain, and that should, in the framework of COPEAM, take concrete shape and bring to the creation of a Mediterranean Format.
A representative of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs has taken part in the meeting, in order to foreseen the possibility of supporting projects.
The co-production of high-quality fictions has ben discussed as well during the meeting. ENTV, in quality of co-producer, has mentioned its participationo to the successful fiction “Du rouge sur la croix”, presented by EBU. The participants have forseen the possibility of launching the production of a new fiction co-produced by COPEAM members.

The circulation of people and ideas still remains for COPEAM the best way of constructing a Mediterranean Audiovisual space.