International training/production workshop on cultural journalism

Rome/Perugia (Italy), 3-7 December 2018

With the aim to reinforce the skills of journalists from the Maghreb and Balkans TV members of COPEAM on cultural journalism, RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana organized, in collaboration with COPEAM and in partnership with ASBU, a 5-day workshop in Italy, between Rome and Perugia, from 3 to 7 December 2018.

The workshop, allying theoretical training and practical exercises and relying on the competences and experience of journalists and directors working in this field, aimed at:

  • Raising beneficiaries’ awareness on the strategic importance of cultural and artistic promotion on public TV channels;
  • Enhancing the skills of the participants in the conception, writing and production of TV cultural programmes;
  • Showing the opportunities offered by the new and digital technologies in the narration of heritage;
  • Presenting some examples of media promotion and communication strategies adopted by Italian cultural sites and events;
  • Producing news items through activities on the field, the "collective performance" and the team-work;
  • Promoting inter-culturalism as a crosscutting skill and a professional approach, the interaction and the collaboration in an international working environment, the exchange of methodological practices and the crossing of audiovisual narrative styles;
  • Promoting mobility and networking of the young professionals of the region.

Following the opening session held at RAI headquarters in Rome, the 11 participating young journalists – coming from EPTV/Algeria, SNRT and 2M Soread/Morocco, Télévision Tunisienne, RTV Serbia Vojvodina, HRT/Croatia, PBS/Malta, RTK/Kosovo, RTV Slovenia, RTSH/Albania, BNT/Bulgaria – moved to Perugia at the Centro Italiano di Studi Superiori per la Formazione e l’Aggiornamento in Giornalismo Radiotelevisivo, where they were tutored by several Rai’s professionals and conducted practical exercises in some important cultural and historical sites of the Umbria region.

This international action focused on cultural journalism, set up thanks to Rai, has completed the series of initiatives that COPEAM has promoted in 2018 to mobilize its network in the framework of the European Year for the Cultural Heritage.