The 5th Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (Tunis, 1998)

18th – 22nd April 1998: the Conference of Tunis, focused on “Solidarity and Partnership”, represents the continuity of actions to favour partnerships and concrete quality projects. The participants in the Conference showed that co-operation is well on the way in the Mediterranean audiovisual field and that COPEAM represents, so far, the sole international structure that gathers the main Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual professional networks. The existence, for several years, of programs such as Mediterraneo and Mediterranean Chronicles, brings evidence of it.

The meeting was also an occasion of reflection on the development of the Barcelona Process after 3 years of functioning….

The 4th Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (Marseille, 1997)

30th January-2nd February 1997: the concern of “going from strategy to action” animated the 4th Conference, which gathered numerous participants (nearly 300). The intense activity of the 7 working groups moved on four main axes:

– strengthening a common cultural Mediterranean “specificity” through the promotion of Mediterranean high-quality audiovisual products. This, by favouring the collaboration between broadcasters and producers in the field of co-production and exchange of programmes, in order to integrate Mediterranean products within the programme shedules of each TV;

– conceiving new financial tools for the support and promotion of…

The 3rd Conference of the Mediterranean Radio-TV Organizations and Audiovisual Operators (Cairo, 1996)

12th –16th January 1996: at the invitation of ERTU-Egyptian Radio and TV Union and RAI- Radiotelevisione Italiana, representatives from 28 European and Arab broadcasting companies, European Council, UNESCO, international organizations (EBU/UER, ASBU-Arab States Broadcasting Union, CMCA-Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe) have taken part to the event. The Conference was opened by the Egyptian Minister of Information, Mr. Safwat Al Sharif, on behalf of President Hosni Mubarak; Mr. Amin Bassiuni, President of ERTU, who highlighted “the exigency of further cultural exchange among regional countries by launching more joint cultural ventures, to help to…

The 2nd Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (Palermo, 1994)

3rd- 6th December 1994: over 250 participants from Mediterranean public televisions, European and international intergovernmental bodies and UN agencies met in Palermo to reflect on the topic: “The audiovisual cooperation within the Mediterranean basin: problems, resources, prospects”. The choice of this focus arose from the awareness that in the modern Information Society the risk of widening the gap between the North and the South of the Mediterranean could increase. Hence, the urgent need of a multilateral permanent cooperation.

Within this general framework, a policy of cooperation in the audiovisual field becomes a strategic issue, as stated…

The 1st Conference of European, African and Mediterranean Televisions (Palermo, 1990)

17Th-18th September 1990: in the framework of the 42nd edition of Prix Italia in Palermo, the first Conference of European, African and Mediterranean Televisions has been held under the aegis of RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana -with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs- and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU/UER). The highest representatives of the broadcasters from 13 countries, of Mediterranean governments and of important cultural institutions took part in the event. The main topic of the Conference was the responsibility of the new communication Media in the process of cultural exchange and economic cooperation within the Mediterranean region.