The 3rd Conference of the Mediterranean Radio-TV Organizations and Audiovisual Operators (Cairo, 1996)

12th –16th January 1996: at the invitation of ERTU-Egyptian Radio and TV Union and RAI- Radiotelevisione Italiana, representatives from 28 European and Arab broadcasting companies, European Council, UNESCO, international organizations (EBU/UER, ASBU-Arab States Broadcasting Union, CMCA-Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle, North-South Centre of the Council of Europe) have taken part to the event. The Conference was opened by the Egyptian Minister of Information, Mr. Safwat Al Sharif, on behalf of President Hosni Mubarak; Mr. Amin Bassiuni, President of ERTU, who highlighted “the exigency of further cultural exchange among regional countries by launching more joint cultural ventures, to help to meet the requirements of the 21st century”; and Mrs. Letizia Moratti, President of RAI.

The Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Susanna Agnelli, has addressed a message, also on behalf of European Community, underlining the necessity of developing “common initiatives in order to overcome the traditional framework of the bilateral cooperation” and that television, in particular, “can contribute in the most effective way in supporting the professional training, the technological development, the cooperation among research institutes, the dialogue between the public and private enterprises”.

The basic result of the Conference, is the definitive foundation of COPEAM and of its main executive bodies. Mr. Amin Bassiuni (ERTU) has been appointed as President of the Permanent Conference; the three Vice-Presidencies have been assigned to ERTT (Tunisia), France Télévisions (France) and JRTV (Jordan). Mr. Vittorio Panchetti, and Mr. Giulio C. Giordano, from RAI, have been appointed as Secretary General and Vice-Secretary General respectively.

The Articles and Bylaws of the Association were unanimously approved.


Other documents:

speech by the President of RAI, Mrs Letizia Brichetto Moratti

message addressed to the president of the Egyptian Radio and Television union
Dr. Amin bassiouni, in his quality of president of the III Conference on “Televisions and Audiovisual in the Mediterranean”, by h. E. Mrs. Susanna agnelli, Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Italy