The 7th Conference of COPEAM (Casablanca, 2000)

26 – 29 April 2000: at the invitation of 2M, Moroccan TV broadcaster, the 7th Conference of COPEAM has been focused on the theme “Competition and Partnership”.

At the dawn of the new millennium, it raises the need of evaluating and analysing the Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual panorama as a complex, mature and wide market for the Media and audiovisual sector.

The convergence between such sectors as broadcasting, telecommunications and new information technology; the process of change of the market dimension and Media consumption; the growing expectations of the Mediterranean public as regards the audiovisual offer.

All these factors are at the roots of the necessity of redefining the strategies in this evolving Mediterranean framework. Multilateral cooperation; synergies and exchange of expertise; experimenting, adapting and exploiting all the different platforms of broadcast made available by the new technologies: these are some of the key-issues discussed during the round-tables of the Conference.

COPEAM, as network and forum of exchange, gives its important contribution to the need of cooperating and of re-thinking together the role of Media in this new context.