The 1st Conference of European, African and Mediterranean Televisions (Palermo, 1990)

17Th-18th September 1990: in the framework of the 42nd edition of Prix Italia in Palermo, the first Conference of European, African and Mediterranean Televisions has been held under the aegis of RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana -with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs- and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU/UER). The highest representatives of the broadcasters from 13 countries, of Mediterranean governments and of important cultural institutions took part in the event. The main topic of the Conference was the responsibility of the new communication Media in the process of cultural exchange and economic cooperation within the Mediterranean region.

This topic acquired a particularly important significance because of the new crucial role played by television in the Gulf War.

As underlined in the opening speech of Mr. Enrico Manca, President of RAI: “In this crisis people fight first of all through the television screens: this revolutionary fact raises issues dealing with professional ethics, the relationship between communication and power, the difference between information and propaganda (..)” .