The 5th Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators (Tunis, 1998)

18th - 22nd April 1998: the Conference of Tunis, focused on “Solidarity and Partnership”, represents the continuity of actions to favour partnerships and concrete quality projects. The participants in the Conference showed that co-operation is well on the way in the Mediterranean audiovisual field and that COPEAM represents, so far, the sole international structure that gathers the main Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual professional networks. The existence, for several years, of programs such as Mediterraneo and Mediterranean Chronicles, brings evidence of it.

The meeting was also an occasion of reflection on the development of the Barcelona Process after 3 years of functioning. Mr. Roberto Zaccaria, President of RAI, leaded the closing session of the meeting marked by the presentation of the reports of all Co.Pe.A.M Working Groups and Commissions and, in particular, the presentation of the “EUROMED TV” project.

Mr. Fethi Houidi, President of ERTT, elected as President of COPEAM, has underlined the determination in carrying out and promoting such projects “(..) that favour the getting closer of the Mediterranean cultures and thus actualise the common will of working together for a partnership truly based on solidarity and equality”.

Mr Abdelbaki Hermassi, Minister of Culture of Tunisia, reminding the risk of standardised global cultural model, has stressed that “The difference in identities and their multiple coexistence is the foundation itself of globalisation”.


Other documents only available in French:

Allocution de M. Fethi HOUIDI, Président de l'Etablissement de la Radiodiffusion Télévision Tunisienne à l'ouverture de la Cinquième Conférence Permanente de l'Audiovisuel en Méditerranée;

Conférence de Monsieur Ahdelwaheb Bouhdiba , Président de l'Académie des Sciences, des Lettres et des A Arts "Beit El Hikmu" sur le thème : "La tolérance et le rôle des moyens de communication dans l'enracinement de ce concept";

Allocution d'ouverture de M. Abdelbaki Hermassi Ministre tunisien de la Culture