The TV collections in the world: COPEAM @Prix Italia with the “Inter-Rives” model

Rome, 24 September 2019

How can the documentary genre transcend the cultural boundaries of a country and attract different audiences? What are the most effective forms of cooperation in this sector adopted by broadcasters and producers in various parts of the world? These are some of the key questions at the heart of the meeting "The Art of cross-cultural storytelling", which took place in Rome on September 24th as a part of Rai’s international festival Prix Italia.

A group of experts from Rai/Italy, NHK/Japan, EBS/Korea, EBU-European Broadcasting Union, TAL-Televisión América Latina and COPEAM, opened a very interesting public debate on international documentary co-productions and the winning models of collaboration at the global level.

Challenges and difficulties in such a field were also discussed and compared by the speakers, including COPEAM, which illustrated the "Inter-Rives" project: a successful example of Euro-Arab partnership developed since 2005 with the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and based on the "basket" formula, which allows co-producers to “make one take all”, meaning the whole series on a given topic.       
The invited Organizations finally showed abstracts from their respective collections and explained the specific coproduction methods in the different regions represented.