Copeam at Prix Italia 2010

During the meeting « Telling the Mediterranean » jointly organized by RAI and COPEAM, the book published by RAI ZONE “Telling and broadcasting Mediterranean stories. A study on documentary film” was presented.
COPEAM contribution to this volume is focused on the co-production experience of the documentary series “Inter-rives”, reported by Mr. Sampiero Sanguinetti and Mr. Frej Chouchane, coordinators of the two series already achieved, who drew the conclusions on the results of that experience.
Among the speakers of the meeting, the Secretary General of COPEAM, Ms. Alessandra Paradisi and the Head of ASBU General Director Office, Ms. Moufida Limam, underlined the enhanced cooperation between ASBU and COPEAM with a focus on the shared projects carried out along the last years, in particular the realization of the Arabic version of the "Format Box" by the Italian Tv expert Mr. Paolo Taggi.
The event ended with the screening of two Inter-rives' documentaries - “Timimoun’s children…between myth and reality” by Ms. Nawel Belaidi from EPTV/Algeria and “Sara, 12 years old and the earthquake of Aquila” by Ms. Lucrezia Lo Bianco, from Rai Educational – which were introduced by Mr. Sanguinetti who briefly explained the genesis and the development of the project.
After, a public debate took place moderated by Ms. Alessandra Paradisi, with the participation of the Italian film-maker Ms. Lucrezia Lo Bianco, who witnessed the peculiarity of this co-production based on the collective work and know-how exchange between the professionals from both sides of the Mediterranean.

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On the same occasion, on 21st September afternoon, COPEAM Women Commission presented a debate on gender representation in media. Several media, in particular television, tend to limit female image to its physical figure. Women representation in television affects both women self image and the idea that men, both elders and youngsters, have about women.

The Women Group of COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators) looks into this matter using two concrete interpretation and analysis tools: the “Global Media Monitoring Project” and the Italian version of the “Screening Gender” toolkit realized by EBU (European Broadcasting Union).

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