COPEAM at…Prix Italia 2012

The audiovisual cooperation to succeed the Mediterranean challenges

“The audiovisual cooperation to succeed the Mediterranean challenges”: this is the message launched in Turin by COPEAM, during the 64th edition of Prix Italia, radio-television competition organized annually by Rai-Radiotelevisione Italiana.

Actually, media are gaining a more and more important role, becoming determining actors in the main challenges that the Mediterranean has to face, such as the dialectic between modernity and tradition, the role of women, the problems and the future of young people, the environmental priorities, the religious presence and the interreligious dialogue.

In this context, the Secretary General of COPEAM, Pier Luigi Malesani, illustrated the main results obtained by the Association: “13 international cooperation projects currently ongoing in 21 countries of the euro-Mediterranean region, with 26 broadcasters involved”, for an overall value exceeding 5 million Euros.

Four cooperation projects were presented as examples:

1) “Terramed Plus”, the first Mediterranean television network, cofounded by the EU and ready to launch, at the end of the month, its multimedia platform ( devoted to creative works (documentaries and fictions): RAI is leader of the initiative carried out in partnership with France Télévisions, ARTE France, the Spanish, Algerian and Moroccan televisions and Skylogic as technological partner; 2) “Joussour” (“Bridges”), coproduction project of cross-border documentaries – financed in the framework of the EU CBCMED Programme – on Mediterranean environmental issues; 3) “Med-Mem” (Euromed Heritage IV): Audiovisual Mediterranean Memories, with the participation of Rai Teche and 13 other televisions from the region, and finally 4) Copeam University: training activity for journalists held in Algeria.

During the meeting, the Director of Institutional and International Relations Marco Simeon highlighted the role played by Rai in the Mediterranean area, and Joseph Mizzi, Chairman of the Maltese public television (PBS), illustrated the collaboration of this broadcaster in the Joussour project.

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