Developing and sustaining your film festival


8-9 December 2014 - ESAV Marrakech

On the 8 and 9 December in Marrakesh, COPEAM, in partnership with ESAV Marrakesh and with the support of the EU Programme Euromed Audiovisual III, organises a professional meeting on the topic “Developing and sustaining your film festival“. 
Developed in work, exchange and networking sessions, this meeting-training, addressed to the managers and organisers of Mediterranean festivals, deals with the main challenges and opportunities that events like these encounter nowadays. 

The workshop is led by experts from the audiovisual and festival sectors from both the North and the South of the Mediterranean, around major issues such as programming, communication and partnerships. An important place is given to debates and exchanges of best practices focused on participants and their festivals.
 This first meeting take place in the framework of the COPEAM project intended to set up a network of exchange and support to audiovisual and film festivals of the Mediterranean.

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ESAV Marrakesh, Morocco