Generation What? Arabic is coming to 8 South Mediterranean countries

Generation What? is the largest cross-media programme ever made, aiming at putting the millennial generation under the spotlights so as to achieve its portrait worldwide. Thanks to the financing of the European Union, Generation What? will be putting the youth of 8 South Mediterranean countries at the centre of the debate for the next 6 months.

The project will be launched on March 14th in Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. It will be launched on April 11th in Egypt, Libya, and Palestine. 

Each participating country has its own website. The 8 websites can be reached from one single URL: It offers young people to take a survey of 167 questions written with the help of sociologists, adapted to each country’s cultural and political context. This survey covers all relevant fields: millennials’ relationship to their family, society, work, adulthood, love, the future, national and cultural identity, and more.

Thanks to a database updated in real time, the users can instantly compare their answers to those of the youth from their country/region/world on interactive maps. They can also watch video compilations of millennials taking the survey, showing different opinions they can relate to.

In each country, Generation What? is supported by a local broadcaster. They all cast and interview young people from their country, to make videos for their local website. They also promote the project on their channel for six months, through tailor-made shows, debates, and events.

The campaign reaches its fullest potential through a communications strategy involving the media, influencers, the civil society and youth associations that promote the campaign. The campaign ends with the publication of a report on the youth of each country and of the entire region, generating wide-ranging debate.

In 2016, the programme was launched in 14 countries of the European Union and in the French overseas territories, with the help of 20 broadcasters and of the European Broadcasting Union. Figures are telling: 1 million respondents took the survey, giving over 83 million answers. This project’s success showed us one thing: that we could not stop there.

Never has a generation been so educated, globalized and connected. Millennials are building the 21st century, carrying the strength and hopes of all nations of the world. What about in the countries of the South Mediterranean area? At 20 years old, do you see the world in the same way in Marrakech as in Tunis, in Beirut as in Amman, and in Algiers as in Tripoli? Starting from March 2018, Generation What? will give the opportunity to young people in 8 South Mediterranean countries to share and compare their views and opinions.

Generation What? Arabic is financed by the European Union And Implemented by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in cooperation with the ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) and the COPEAM (Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators). A concept developed by YAMI2 and Upian

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The opinions expressed in this project are the sole responsibility of the implementing organisations and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.