9 public broadcasters gathered in Amman for the 2nd workshop on gender and media

The 2nd multilateral "peer-to-peer" exchange meeting on gender equality, held on 13 and 14 January, gathered in Amman representatives of nine broadcasters from the South-Mediterranean area, to evaluate the steps developed since the beginning of this initiative in Tunis, last September.

The organisations involved in this action - EPTV and EPRS/Algeria, ERTU/Egypt, JRTV/Jordan, PBC/Palestine,  SNRT and 2M/Morocco, TéléLiban/Lebanon, Tunisian Radio – are engaged in a 9-mounth programme of know-how exchanges aimed at improving women’s representation both on screen and in the internal structures.

The results achieved up to date are very positive, building a basis for a longer term road map. The Moroccan SNRT has already organised an internal awareness workshop and intends to develop a gender equality charter covering both media content and HR management. At the Tunisian National Radio, a draft code of ethics including two paragraphs on gender equality has been submitted for staff’s endorsement, while in Palestine, the PBC has defined the guidelines of its action plan for the recently established equality Unit.

The results of these discussions will be presented at the COPEAM annual Conference, scheduled in Ajaccio from 7 to 9 April 2016.

This activity is carried out in the framework of MedMedia, an EU-funded project, and is part of a strategy strengthening gender equality policies in the media, which combines consultations, networking activities and peer-to-peer exchanges.