World Radio Day 2019 : Dialogue, Tolerance & Peace

This year again,COPEAM supports - as a member of the organizing committee -  the World Radio Day!

On next February 13, COPEAM will invite its radio members to celebrate the Radio as a factor of dialogue and promotion of tolerance and peace.

Radio can become a platform of exchange and civic participation between different groups of the society. This capacity helps raising awareness among listeners, while offering new perspectives and paving the way for positive action. Radio facilitates unity around global issues, by stimulating the public debate on matters of common interest. 

To prepare your participation, download the 10 ideas to celebrate the World Radio Day:

- Embrace differences

- Engage your audience

- Empower the voiceless

- Inspire your listeners

- Foster partnership

- Reflect

- Celebrate community spirit

- Put words into action

- Participate

- Listen and answer