World Radio Day 2017: RADIO IS YOU

The 2017 edition of the World Radio Day was announced. As a member of the organizing committee, COPEAM joins UNESCO in inviting all member radios to take part, next 13 February, to this global event and to celebrate radio and its impact on our lives.

In fact, radio remains the most dynamic, reactive and engaging medium. It informs and accompany us in our daily life, through news, entertainment or interaction with the audience.

Thus, the 2017 topic will focus on the participation and engagement of the public, on the different tools available to make their voice heard not only through interventions from outside or interviews, but inside the radio, in terms of editorial choices and programming. While the social media and the fragmentation of the audiences can enclose us in some “media cocoons” limited to groups with similar opinions, radio is in the best position to gather communities and to promote a positive change. Being attentive to its audiences and answering to their needs, radio offers the plurality of voices and points of view, essential for responding to current global stakes.

In the next weeks, COPEAM Radio Commission will invite its members to commit in this new edition, to imagine events and activities on the interaction between the radio and the audience.