A COPEAM-UNESCO partnership for the journalism training

COPEAM project “South-Mediterranean public TV journalism training needs - survey and workshop” has been selected by the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) of UNESCO and aims at reinforcing the capacity of media and of the training centres focused on journalism and audiovisual communication.

The objective of COPEAM project is to contribute to the conception of an adequate journalism training strategy mainly based on the information sharing between the media professionals and the representatives of the training centres in the field of journalism and of the audiovisual communication in the Mediterranean region. In addition to this, the project intends to evaluate the feasibility of actions/programmes of distance education/training as well as of other tools contributing to meet the training needs of the Southern broadcasters.


In order to fulfil these goals, the project has been structured into two phases:

A. Pre-analysis phase: in collaboration with AFPA (Association Nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes) a questionnaire (English, French and Arabic) regarding journalism training practices and needs was conceived and disseminated among the South-Mediterranean radio and TV public broadcasters members of COPEAM. A final report analysing the results of the collected questionnaires was produced by AFPA providing quantitative and qualitative evaluations.

Questionnaire EN
Questionnaire AR

B. Workshop phase: a 3-day inter-sector consultative and information exchange workshop on training needs and distance education/training tools has been organized in Casablanca from 20 to 22 December 2010. It gathered Northern and Southern Mediterranean training institutes operating in the region as well as the heads of information and of training departments of the broadcasters targeted by the project.
The workshop was conceived into 2 sessions :
- 2 days of inter-sector consultation and exchange starting from sharing the questionnaire results
- Info-session on e-learning tools and opportunities (distant learning through satellite TV and Internet, online tutoring and virtual classrooms, video lessons, etc.) by 2 experts from Uninettuno and AFPA.

19 participants attended the workshop, among which Ms. Ito Misako (UNESCO Rabat. Advisor for Communication and Information, Cluster Office to Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia), the representatives of the information and training departments of 7 public broadcasters (EPTV/Algeria, 2M/Morocco, SNRT/Morocco, PCB/Palestinian Authority, JRTV/Jordan, ORTAS/Syria, Radio Tunisienne) as well as the representatives of 8 training structures (CAPJC/Tunisia, CFI/France, INA/France, Uninettuno/Italy, ESJ Montpellier/France, ESJC/Maroc, ISIC/Maroc, AFPA/France).

Casablanca workshop program

A final report about the workshop evaluations, proposals and suggestions has been produced and will be shared with COPEAM members and partners as a starting basis for the conception and carrying out of future training projects and actions.
The workshop was also the occasion for the Training Commission of COPEAM, under the presidency of CFI (Mr. Eric Soulier) and the vice-presidency of 2M (Mrs. Rachida Taame), to meet and exchange proposals about the next training strategies and projects to be carried out in the future.

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