In Sétif (Algeria), last 5th March, Mrs Khalida Toumi, Minister of the Culture in Algeria, Mr Hamraoui Habib Chawki, ENTV Director General and COPEAM President, Mrs Alessandra Paradisi, COPEAM Secretary General, Mr Bedoui Noureddine, wali of Sétif, have opened the 2nd COPEAM University, that has gathered together about 80 television & radio journalists form the Northern and Southern countries of the Mediterranean region and also furthermore, thanks to the synergies with ASBU - Arab States Broadcasting Union.

Mr Roberto Albergoni, Deputy Director General of Unimed – Union of Mediterranean Universities, and Mrs Antonella Tarquini, correspondent in Algiers for the Italian Press Agency ANSA have participated to the fist working session.
Organised thanks to the support of the Algerian broadcaster ENTV, the event aims at setting up journalistic exchanges about a specific topic, this year the preservation and the protection of cultural and archaeological heritage of the region of Sétif.

Trough TV & radio reportage, journalists have explored the visible aspects of historical heritage of the region, in order to assess how this heritage can be an input for cultural and economic development today.

Important results of the University, a 31-minutes TV magazine, composed of 10 reportages, and a 12-minutes radio reportage.

The 10 themes of the TV magazine are :
1. the Djamila site, the history of its discovery, its valorisation and the difficulties of its preservation today
2. the difficulty of preserving the excavations and of protecting the vestiges face to the necessity of urbanisation
3. the history of the statue of a naïade that popular tradition has taken possession of
4. the challenge of tourist development
5. the French architecture in the city of Sétif and its influence on everyday life
6. the heritage of the history in the Algerian handicrafts trough pottery, textiles, mosaics, tattoos…
7. the exploitation of the memory of the objects trough the reproduction for commercial purposes
8. how Algerian archaeologists have put into value the Byzantine and Muslim vestiges, after the work done by the French archaeologists on Latin and Roman memory
9. the painful memory of events of May 1945
10. the prehistorical sites – Ain Hanech and the collection of the Museum

The theme of the radio reportage is « Sétif, city of memories».

In 2006 the trainers that have followed the activity of 10 TV teams during the shootings, the editing et several newsroom conferences, have been assured by RAI News 24 (Fabrizio Biamonte, Vice Chief Editor), by HRT (Daria Marjanovic, Chief Editor of Goodmorning Craotia – Breakfast Television), by CFI (Frédérique Lantieri, Chief Editor, France 2 ; Danielle Jeammet, Chief editor Mediterraneo ; Abdelali Joudi, journalist France 3 Ile de France ; Philippe Montoisy, Vice Chief Editor, France 2 ; Marie Agnès Peleran, journalist France 3 Méditerranée ; Sampiero Sanguinetti, Programming Director France 3 Corse, France 3), by COPEAM (Massimo Loche, former Vice Director of RAI NEWS 24).
For the radio team, two experts have been assured by RFI (Ahmeed Benraad, Head of Services)and by Radio France (Jean Paul Luciani, journalist Producer Fb-RCFM ).

68 professionals, TV & radio journalists, cameramen and editors, represented 18 broadcasters of 14 different countries : CIP (Algeria), ENRS (Algeria), ENTV (Algeria), ERT (Greece), ERTU (Egypt), ERTT (Tunisia), France Télévisions, HRT (Croatia), Radio Romania, Radio Marocaine, RTVM (Mauritania), TVM (Morocco), TVR (Romania), TV Sudan, TV Sultanat d’Oman, TV Syria, Yemen TVR, JRTV (Jordan).

Thanks to the perfect logistical organisation and the generous welcome offered by ENTV, and the support of the Algerian Minister of Culture and the Wilaya of Sétif, the atmosphere was warming and friendly.
Learning to work together, exchanging know-how and skills, crossing glances : the success of COPEAM University and the quality of the products carried out by the journalists, witnesses a feasible and concrete collaboration between audiovisual professionals.It has been said about the 2nd edition of COPEAM University:

« Je salut de tout mon cœur l’Université de la COPEAM, qui m’a offert cette occasion de connaître et communiquer avec l’autre, et de suivre les traces d’une civilisation très ancienne et très riche, dont nous, les hommes des média, jouons un rôle primordial à la conserver. »
Karim Khammouma, Monteur ERTT

« COPEAM University is more than a team building. It helps people communicate with each other, it opens their minds and make them better persons. I’m sure that on the future I will work again with the professionals which with I become friend »
Anna De Hillerin, journaliste TVR

« je remercie la COPEAM de l’occasion qui m’a été donnée de connaître tous ces journalistes, des professionnels dont j’ai aussi beaucoup appris, sans parler de l’amitié qu’ils nous ont manifestée pendant toute cette semaine »
Danielle Jeammet, encadrant, France 3 Mediterraneo

« If someone wanted to have an idea of the future Mediterranean, he should have been in Sétif last week, on the occasion of the second University of COPEAM.. (…)Each cobblestone in Sétif, like all around our Mare-Mater, reminds us that we have been walking through centuries with the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabians, arriving at what we have become: gens mediterranea. (…)Can a Rumanian work together with a Syrian and a Moroccan? Can an Algerian work together with a Croatian and an Egyptian? Can they get to the point of telling a place, sharing a memory, images, sounds? Yes. They can.
Can the Mediterranean tell itself through its own eyes, resume its destiny into its own hands and become again protagonist of its history? Yes. It can.. »
Alessandra Paradisi, Secretary General de la COPEAM