Kantara: the best of a successful 24th season

Kantara, the weekly Mediterranean radio programme, has just successfully completed its 24th season, rich in news and topics with a cross-regional and transnational approach.

Each week, the co-producers from the 6 partner radio stations (Radio Cairo, France Bleu RCFM, RTCI Tunisie, Chaine Inter, Radio Liban 96.2, Radio Exterior de España) joined forces to showcase the cultural diversity of the Mediterranean basin, provide information on major social issues, raise environmental questions and awareness, and share the exceptional common heritage that unites us all. 

In total, it's 42 issues that you can find on the COPEAM Soundcloud page and the various podcast platforms of our partners. 

Here's our selection, the best of the 24th season: 

Click here for the playlist of the full season