INTER-RIVES 4: “Sports without borders”

The new edition of the COPEAM-ASBU coproduction « Inter-Rives », officially started in Tunis on April 15th. 
After the focus on Arts, on the glances of children and on the new generations’ dreams, Inter-Rives is now devoted to Sports and its cross-cultural values, hence its title: “Sports without borders”.
The 1st workshop - organised at ASBU premises on 15 and 16 April 2014 - gathered the directors of the 12 Arab and European televisions participating in the project, in order to define the topics of each documentary. The supervision of the participants was ensured by the coordination team, composed by Mr Sampiero Sanguinetti as executive producer and Mr Markus Nikel and Khalid Adennoun as experts. According to the debate carried out during the meeting, sports stands out as an instrument of social inclusion, a mean to overcome both physical and mental handicaps as well as prejudices and social taboos. All participants will meet again in November 2014, in the framework of the 2nd workshop devoted to the screening of the products. The 13’ documentaries will compose a TV series which will be delivered to all the partner TVs for broadcast.