COPEAM-BBC partnership – “MedMedia” EU project

By joining the Media Advisory Group (MAG), launched in Paris on 5 May 2014 on the occasion of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day, COPEAM initiated a partnership with BBC in the framework of the MedMedia project, funded by the EU and designed to support media reforms in the Southern Mediterranean region.       
In the various meetings between the MAG members - representatives of the major audiovisual networks operating in the region - priorities were identified in relation to the process of transition and reform of public broadcasting in the MENA countries, including the need to develop adequate policies for gender equality within those Organisations. In this perspective, the members of MedMedia assigned COPEAM to provide the proper expertise to implement multilateral peer-to-peer action aimed at improving the skills of the broadcasting public services related to the women empowerment, both at content and management policies level.