AGEMI summer school

Gothenburg, 27 - 31 August 2018

Thirty students from Newcastle, Gothenburg and Padua Universities gathered at Gothenburg University from 27 to 31 August for a one-week summer school programme on gender and media.

This activity is part of “AGEMI - Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries”, an EU-funded project that takes an innovative and integrated approach to combat gender stereotypes and promote an equal, diverse and inclusive media sector by focusing on the future generation of media professionals.

The purpose of the AGEMI summer school was raising awareness on gender inequality issues and to share a range of good practices to address them.

Students’ activities in Gothenburg included the development of mobile journalism stories, a number of roundtables and keynote speeches involving media specialists, testing sessions of various units composing the online course and the launch of the internships programme, which will allow each student to benefit from a practical experience on gender and media within a professional organization.

The session also offered networking opportunities between students, researchers and industry representatives.

Feedback from AGEMI summer school participants

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