Advancing Gender Equality in Media Industries (AGEMI) – #year1

The AGEMI project takes an innovative and integrated approach to fighting gender stereotypes and promoting an equal, diverse and inclusive media sector. 

One of its core outputs will be an openly accessible resource bank of existing good practices addressed to media industries and other stakeholders willing to implement initiatives in their own organizations to encourage cultural change. With the aim of collecting as many items as possible from around the world, AGEMI invited media professionals to share their good practices trough an online form, thus enriching the database. 

In addition, the consortium is developing a ten-unit online learning course aimed at building knowledge and awareness and focusing on different aspects of the gender-media relation. Topics include representation, harassment, decision-making, language, employment, intersectionality, digital technologies, media policies, political economy, and transnational advocacy. 

Each unit will include a mix of short video presentations on key aspects of the unit subject, together with interviews to a number of experts and signposts to the resource bank.

Finally, a summer school for 30 students from Newcastle University, University of Padova and JMG/University of Gothenburg will be organised in Gothenburg at the end of August, to raise awareness on gender inequality issues and share the best practices to counter them.
Facebook: @Agemigender
Twitter: @Agemi_eu

Funding programme: Rights, Equality and Citizenship/Justice - DG for Justice and Consumers - European Commission
Consortium partners: Universities of Newcastle (UK), Padova (Italy) and Gothenburg (Sweden), EFJ (European Federation of Journalists), COPEAM
Duration: February 2017 - July 2019