Training session on cultural documentary at ERTU

Cairo, 8-13 February 2015

In the framework of the training sessions that ERTU - Egyptian Radio and Television Union is organising and hosting this year, COPEAM contributed to the first workshop on cultural documentary held in Cairo from the 8th to the 13th February 2015. Thanks also to the support of EBU, COPEAM provided an expert, Manuela Gasbarroni - journalist, film director and producer - and a tutor to train 24 film directors coming mainly from ERTU, but also from other public TVs of Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco. After an introductory overview about cultural documentary genre’s main features and production process, along with the screening of some successful examples dealing with cultural topics, the trainees conceived and produced a 20’ documentary on the Sawi Cultural Centre in Cairo. From the interviews’ planning to the final editing, the participants worked in teams under the coordination of the trainer to discover and tell the life and the protagonists of this interesting cultural place at the heart of Cairo.