Following the success of the past two editions, ASBU and COPEAM have organised, in the ASBU  Training Center of Damascus, the 2007 training seminar on TV Formats Writing & Production that, for the third time, gathered directors, writers and producers coming from the TVs of Mediterranean and Middle East countries members of both COPEAM and ASBU.

The 2007 edition - “The DNA of the TV programmes. how to analyse them, how to realise them. From the idea to the accomplished format” - intended to apply a product-oriented approach, focused on the viewing and the analysis of many international programmes and aimed at providing the trainees with scientific/operational methods useful to concretely create new successful formats.

As in the past editions, Mr. Paolo Taggi was the seminar trainer.

17 participants (directors, producers, presenters) coming from the public TVs of Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia have attended the course.

The participants have been deeply involved in discussions and debates, showing great interest for such occasions of exchange of professional experiences at a regional and international level. In addition to this, the need to keep in touch also after this meeting (for example by creating a blog that COPEAM will set up soon) has been underlined. Finally, many of them found the cards kit - “TV Game” - a useful and interesting scientific/operational tool for analysing and conceiving programs and consequently asked for the publication of its Arabic version.