Towards a responsible information on immigration and refugees

Pozzallo, 12 May 2016

In the framework of the Sabir Festival of the Mediterranean Cultures (12-15 May 2016, Pozzallo - Sicily), COPEAM was invited by the Association “Carta di Roma – promoting in Italy the Journalist’s Code of Conduct on immigration – to take part in a continuous training session open to the Sicilian journalists about reporting on migration and refugees issues.

COPEAM presented its transnational action and approach in favour of a responsible representation and a constructive information about these topics: in 2015, with the Declaration of Malta, the international media campaign conducted with the UNHCR, the contest “Refugees stories: glances from the South”; in 2016, with the new TV co-production Inter-Rives “Stories of travel and seas”. The media Observatory of Pavia, member of COPEAM, also took part in the initiative and presented the results of the survey on the coverage given by the Italian media to immigration issues in 2015.