Training project in Algeria “Media in favour of female entrepreneurs”

Algiers/Tipaza, 16-19 January 2017

The training/production workshop for journalists on the topic “Media in favour of female entrepreneurs” took place in Algeria from 16 to 19 January 2017. Organized by COPEAM in collaboration with the EPRS (the Algerian Public Radio), with the support of the French Embassy in Algeria (Service for Cooperation and Cultural Action) and the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, it was addressed to a group of 15 journalists from the Algerian public radio and television and the APS-Algeria Press Service.

The initiative aimed to enhance women’s contribution to the Algerian economy through the production of news about successful stories in the country, able to promote the entrepreneurial spirit and become a source of inspiration for other women.

During the first day, three experts gave to the participants a theoretical framework on respectively entrepreneurship, innovation and economy; integration of the “gender” approach in the journalism practice; cross-media production and new forms of journalism.

In the following days, the journalists were grouped in 5 cross-media teams (TV, radio and web) and moved between Algiers and Tipaza – where the EPRS training centre is based – during the different production and postproduction phases, which led to the realization of a number of items with different narrative angles - radio, TV and internet - all highlighting the professional success of Algerian women: an engineer founder of a company in the tapis roulants industry; two architects with 30 years of experience; the manager of a business orientation office.

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