The model of COPEAM co-productions

Igualada (Spain), 4-7 October 2011
COPEAM took part in the international meeting of indipendent producers organized by UNESCO-IGUALADA, in Igualada, Spain, from 4 to 7 October 2011 as a member of the management team.
The meeting approached various topics such as creativity in the audiovisual language, quality, entrepreneurship and marketing in audiovisual production.
This participation was an opportunity to present COPEAM to the participating producers from different countries of the world (Lebanon, Kenya, Cameroon, South Korea, Mongolia, Algeria, Ethiopia, etc.), to give them an overview of its main areas of action, notably television co-productions.

In this context, the documentary series Inter-Rives, co-produced by COPEAM, ASBU and several European and Arab televisions, was presented to the participants.
Particular emphasis was also placed on Joussour, the new co-production project of 12 docu-mags on cross-border best practices in the environmental field in the maritime regions of the 14 eligible countries of the Euro-Med area.
This is an innovative project, led by COPEAM and co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the multilateral cross-border cooperation programme "Mediterranean Sea Basin".

These co-production examples aroused the interest of young professionals, particularly in relation to the objectives and the expectations of participating Arab televisions, as well as to the basket principle on which these experiments are based.
Moreover, Med-Agora (, the virtual platform bringing together several audiovisual actors interested in the promotion and circulation of Mediterranean products was also presented on this occasion.