The 5th COPEAM-ASBU coproduction “Inter-Rives : stories of travels and seas” is ready to be aired

The COPEAM-ASBU TV coproduction “Inter-Rives: stories of travels and seas” has been achieved. 14 documentaries have been produced by 14 partner televisions: EPTV-Algeria, ERTU-Egypt, HRT-Croatia, RAI-Italy, RTSI-Switzerland, RTVE-Spain, RTVSLO-Slovenia, RTV Vojvodina-Serbia, PBC-Palestine, PBS-Malta, San Marino RTV, SNRT-Morocco, Tunisian Television, TRT-Turkey.

As it was for the previous Inter-Rives series “Sports without borders”, the quality of the products of this 5th edition is generally very high and the variety of the stories and characters makes this new edition a rich portray of the Mediterranean sea; a sea of cultural and human exchanges and of personal challenges, where people continuously move and meet each others, where past and present are unceasingly linked. A sea that represents freedom and fear, hope and sorrow.

Just to mention some of the series’ stories: the lives and memories of people who emigrated in the past from Italy to the Tunisian port of La Goulette, the so-called “Petite Sicile”, and from Tunisia to Mazara del Vallo, in Sicily; the commitment of the Senegalese Mamadou who, starting from his personal migration experience to Spain, has founded an NGO to inform and make aware people from Senegal about the actual difficulties faced by many migrants wishing to reach Europe; the challenge of Gaetano, an Italian skipper who’s preparing to set out with his ship to accomplish the Solo Round the Globe Record, the solo sailing around the world; the choice of a Croatian cardiologist who has found his happiness moving to the 900-inhabitant small island of Mljet and becoming the only doctor of this community. The documentaries will be soon aired by the co-producers involved, offering to their audience some unique pieces of this fascinating Mediterranean jigsaw.

As for the second edition of the Prize for the best documentary of the series, the members of the Jury - Sampiero Sanguinetti, Markus Nikel and Mostapha Mellouk - considering the high quality of many of the works and the rich variety of the stories told by the film directors, have decided to award two documentaries: "Vapore" by Fedia Ben Henda – Télévision Tunisienne and « Mamadou » by Luis García Marín - TVE/Spain.

The Jury’s choice has been based on the value and the strength of the messages delivered, on the production efforts made and the effectiveness of the characters chosen.

However, three other documentaries have deserved a special mention of the Jury: “I love you and I hate you” by Giovanni Speranza (RSI – Switzerland) “Gaetano’s journey” by Luca Rosini (RAI – Italy) “A smile on their face” by Aylin Cetinkaya (TRT – Turkey)