PRIX ITALIA – IFAD – COPEAM Special Prize 2024

For the third year running, we are glad to confirm the agreement between Prix Italia, IFAD and COPEAM by which a Special Prize will be awarded to the best Radio, TV or multimedia programme in competition, able to narrate the impact of technological innovation on improving the quality of our lives, transforming current food systems and favouring inclusive and sustainable economic growth for a food-secure future.

Wars, climate change and poverty afflict agricultural communities in many countries on a daily basis. New techs can help rural communities for a more sustainable, resilient, equitable and inclusive development. AI-powered apps updating farmers on climate change, blockchain and Web3 technologies for digital wallets enabling rural populations to receive and make digital payments, are examples of innovation initiatives that can produce a positive impact on those social groups and bring greater well-being to both the people and the planet.

It is possible to apply for this Special Prize relating to the above topics by submitting:

- one programme already entered in one of the TV, Radio&Podcast or Digital categories of the competition,


- one programme that is not already entered in the other categories.

The winner will be rewarded with 4.000 euros thanks to IFAD.

Deadline for submission: 7 June 2024

Learn more: read the Regulations, find out how to submit entries in the Competition section of Prix Italia website.

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