Meeting of the TV programmes’ directors 2007

A television without frontiers : an aspiration, an idea, a project for the future based on concrete actions of the present.
In order to build new Euro-Mediterranean formats able to gather different visions and languages, COPEAM planned an important annual rendezvous.
For the third time in Lecce, in the Framework of its TV commission, COPEAM gathered programs directors from TV organisms associated, in collaboration and with the support of the Mediterranean Cultural Institute, concluding in this way, projects in progress, and enabling to launch new initiatives.
In occasion of this meeting were present the Italian (RAI), the Algerian (ENTV), the Moroccan (SNRT),the Tunisian (ERTT), the Albanian (RTVSH) and the French (France 3 – Corse) public televisions to discuss on many topics : from the broadcasting of the Inter-Rives magazine, a COPEAM and ASBU co-production, to the launch of a new Mediterranean co-production on “water languages”.
From the development of the “Mediterranean Region” in the programming schedules of associated televisions, to the presentation of the « Cinema del Reale » documentary festival organized by the Institute of Mediterranean Cultures from the province of Lecce, in the framework of the « Negroamaro » 2007 festival.
A representative from the Italian Foreign Office who is interested in supporting the numerous COPEAM activities was also present.