Med-Mem : Audiovisual Mediterranean Memories

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Torino (Italy), 21 july 2009

Last July 21st, the Med-Mem partners - COPEAM, EPTV, INA, JRTV, RAI, SNRT- met for the Digitisation training that was welcomed and hosted by RAI in Torino and that was a unique occasion of meeting and of sharing between professionals of the Mediterranean.
The goal of such a training consisted in the presentation, the installation and the use of the digitisation station and of the ad-hoc software to the Med-Mem project.
Besides the unilateral transfer of skills, the homogeneity of the profiles and the experience in the computer science field of the attending technicians and archives managers have allowed to begin a mutual reflexion about the digitisation process and about the mutual needs in this field.
The digitisation software for Med-Mem will benefit from these considerations, as it has been designed to answer the demands of the project. Thanks to this high quality exchange that took place in the framework of the training, and on demand of the partners, an adaptation that will make the tool even more efficient will be achieved in the next months.
Hence the Med-Mem project will provide to the consortium members a digitisation station and a software that will answer to the mutual needs of organizations from both the southern and the northern shore of the Mediterranean, and will allow the improvement of the general processing of the audiovisual archives.