Med-Mem : Audiovisual Mediterranean Memories

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13 May 2011, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

In the framework of the 18th annual Conference of COPEAM, a work meeting of the Med-Mem project was held, hosted by CyBC, the Cypriot public broadcaster.

This meeting was the occasion for all the 6 partners and 12 associates to assess all the activities of the project at the end of its second year and to present new elements for the visibility and dissemination of this action.

In particular, a kit containing communication tools was distributed in order to facilitate any action promoting the project by the partners and associates, including the set up of a section devoted to Med-Mem on the websites of each of them. Moreover, a promotional clip was presented during the session and, once enriched with the collected suggestions, will be broadcast on the channels of the broadcasting partners/associates with a view to promoting Med-Mem website within the general public.

During the meeting, the willingness of SOREAD 2M and CyBC to join the project was announced. On this occasion, Themis Themistocleous, Director General of the Cypriot radio&TV, signed a document with Ina, Med-Mem project leader, formalizing CyBC commitment.

The association of new contributors to the project will certainly allow enriching even more, in the months to come, Med-Mem documentary archive, resulting in a greater representativeness of the Euro-Mediterranean audiovisual heritage.

To conclude, a technical session on the future website feeding tool took place, aimed at facilitating the understanding of the work modalities and the numerical objectives to be achieved by each one.

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