Med-Mem : Audiovisual Mediterranean Memories

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14 September 2011, Marseille, France

More than forty authors, researchers in social studies, historians, geographers, sociologists, architects etc. met in Marseille to jointly work at the development of Med-Mem project editorial activity.

In fact, the audiovisual documents of Med-Mem website, collected from the TV archives of the whole Mediterranean area, will be replaced in their context, with an historical approach, in order to allow users to better “browse” the collective memory they represent.

In this perspective, the authors involved in the project will aim at realizing 50 research dossiers which will complement some of the 4000 images of the website, as well as at contextualizing around 3000 archive documents.

In particular, each dossier – from 10 to 15 pages – will deepen the topics treated by a few video/audio documents of Med-Mem, giving priority to interdisciplinary and cross-cutting approaches.

All these contributions will facilitate the understanding of the audiovisual heritage of the website and its ownership by the present and future generations of the Mediterranean area and beyond. This is one of the main goals of Med-Mem project.

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