In the framework of the 7th edition of "Mediterraneo senza frontiere", the second international meeting “Which tools for a common migration policy within the Mediterranean?" - organized by the Social Policies Department of the Regional Province of Agrigento, Metamorfosi (members of COPEAM) and CICC - International Centre of Cultural Co-operation and devoted to the immigration phenomenon - took place on 5th March 2005, in Agrigento (Italy). During the three round tables, gathering representatives of Southern Europe and Mediterranean associations and institutions, the challenges and the problems dealing with migration dynamics and integration have been analyzed. The concrete proposals and conclusions issued from the debates, have been collected in a draft “Chart”, and undersigned by the participants. This is the first step of a wider project that will actively involve also COPEAM, and that will lead, in 2006, to the final signature of a "Chart of rights of the migrant peoples" of the Mediterranean region.