ICO Solutions – #WEBINAIRE: “Media and environment: witnessing the challenges and solutions in the Mediterranean”

As part of the ICO Solutions’ event dedicated to the major issues related to islands, coasts and oceans preservation, the organizers and COPEAM offered a unique webinar for Mediterranean journalists, in order to discuss the links between the media and environmental actors. A dialogue involving 12 COPEAM’s broadcasters and 9 additional organizations to strengthen knowledge, skills and mutual networks related to challenges of biodiversity and island resilience, ecological restoration, relationship between biodiversity and industry, or even environmental journalism practices.

Webinar to be found at this address: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhbE4Rhbyz0

Programme : 

  • Session 1: Resilience and island biodiversity
  • Session 2: Marine and terrestrial ecological restoration
  • Session 3: Biodiversity and industry - issues and challenges
  • Session 4: Environmental journalism 

Moderated by :

  • Fabrice Bernard - Europe & International Delegate at the Conservatoire du littoral
  • Guillaume Ortiou-Campion - in charge of the COPEAM Radio Commission

Speakers : 

  • Sylvain Petit - Director of SMILO
  • Mathieu Thévenet - Director of the PIM Initiative
  • Pierre Boissery - Sea & Coast Expert at the Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse Water Agency
  • Eva Tankovic - PIM Initiative project manager
  • Emmanuel Delannoy - Associate Consultant Pikaia
  • Gilles Vanderpooten - Director General of Reporters d'Espoirs
  • Fatiha Chara - Journalist at the Algerian Radio 
  • Bojan Glavonić - Journalist at RTS (Serbia)