From training to broadcast: the University of COPEAM on the screen

One week to carry out, on the field, a 52’ TV documentary composed of 10 reportages focused on “Tourism and sustainable development, factors of connection between peoples” to be shot in the Algerian region of Bejaia: this is the goal reached during the last edition of COPEAM University (5-12 April 2008). The inter-cultural work teams have been guided by the trainers through the conception, the shooting and the editing of radio and TV products ready to be broadcast. The French and Arabic TV reportages, focused on the history, the languages, the environment, the economy, the legends and the heroes of Bejaia, have been conceived as single products but also as parts of a whole, from both a narrative and an aesthetic point of view.
Thanks to this editorial effort and to the quality of the images produced by the University’s young professionals, RaiNews24 and RaiMed have devoted, from the 6th to the 14th of June, a special edition of “Scirocco” TV magazine to the University of COPEAM and its reportages.
The Algerian, the Croatian and the Bulgarian televisions have already expressed their interest in broadcasting the reportages during the summer period. In the framework of COPEAM Programmes Directors meeting (27 July 2008, Lecce), the possibility of broadcasting these products by additional broadcasters will be appraised.

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