Forum on training engineering in the Euro-Mediterranean broadcasters

Responding to the request issued from COPEAM Training Commission, the first Forum on training engineering in the Euro-Mediterranean broadcasters was held in Ankara (4-5 February 2013), in collaboration with the Training Department of TRT – Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. It was addressed to the training and human resources managers of COPEAM broadcaster members and to the media training organisations and institutes operating in the region: 13 countries were represented and 11 broadcasters sent delegates to attend this 2-day seminar. Such initiative was organised with the aim of reinforcing the skills of broadcasters’ human resources management in developing training strategies able to match with the current professional and organisational challenges; of offering an opportunity to exchange good practices, such as the successful settlement of in-house training centres, of internal pools of trainers, of comprehensive training plans; of favouring the establishment of collaborations and partnerships between broadcasters, schools and training institutes in the region. The Forum was structured into different sessions, each one involving experts of the sector - from several public broadcasters, such as 2M/Morocco, TRT/Turkey, HRT/Croatia, and from Eurovision Academy, INA, DW Akademie, universities, etc. - and addressing different facets of the training engineering.