The first University of COPEAM, organised thanks to the support of the Algerian television -ENTV, has been held in GHARDAIA (Algeria) from 14th to 20th January 2005 on the topic « Mediterranean Media and support to the policies aimed at the environment safeguarding and sustainable development ».

This training project was aimed at gathering young journalists coming from the Mediterranean countries in order to promote the mutual knowledge and the exchanges between the professionals and the broadcasters they belong to. The training activities have been carried out by RAI - Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI NEWS 24 / RAI MED), France Télévisions, Radio France, Radio France International, UNEP-MAP/ERS-RAC (United Nations Agency for the Environment/Mediterranean Action Plan - Environment Remote Sensing/Regional Activity Centre).

This important meeting, that has met with a large success, has been attended by the following broadcasters: as far as television is concerned, BNT (Bulgaria), ENTV (Algeria), ERTT (Tunisia), ERT (Greece), HRT (Croatia), RTV (Montenegro), TVR (Romania) ; as far as radio is concerned, ERTT (Tunisia), ENRS (Algeria), SSR (Romania), Radio Capodistria (Slovenia), RTM (Morocco).

The University has been organised into two phases : a first Theory Session followed by two practical work-shops. Six international TV teams and two Radio teams have carried out many reportages focused on the challenges relative to the sustainable development within the region of Ghardaïa (M’Zab Valley).

The activities had a concrete and positive follow-up: beyond the numerous contacts set up between the professionals present (around 50), the most part of the Radio and TV subjects carried out will be broadcast on the channels of all the members participating.

The rendez-vous has been fixed for next edition of the University of COPEAM : at the beginning of 2006.