COPEAM/MedMedia meetings on journalism training in the Mediterranean

Marseille, 17 June 2016

Aside a series of events devoted to the media in the Mediterranean - debates, workshops, conferences, seminars, shows - the Villa Méditerranée/AViTeM organised last June 16 and 17 in Marseille, gathering audiovisual and press journalists, experts, artists, associations and institutions from the whole region, COPEAM, in collaboration with the EU-funded MedMedia project,  held a roundtable and a professional meeting devoted to journalism training in the southern shore of the Mediterranean basin.

The public roundtable “Training journalists in the Mediterranean” was focused on the stakes related to journalists’ education and training and on the digital convergence in the Euro-Mediterranean context (reform of the degree courses, teaching methods, students’ exchanges etc.).

Participants: Benoit Califano, ESJ Pro - Abdelkrim Hizaoui, Tunisian school of journalism IPSI - Tim Francis, UNESCO (Media Development and Society Communication & Information Sector) – Guillaume Ortiou-Campion, COPEAM.

The professional meeting “Schools of journalism in the Euro-Mediterranean region: exchanges, network and info co-production” was open to about 15 journalists from the region of Marseille. Animated by two experts representing both a northern (ESJ Pro Montpellier) and a southern (IPSI Tunis) school, it aimed at transferring to the participants the keys to better understand journalism training, professionalization and practice in the Maghreb countries, with the view of promoting exchanges between the schools of journalism in the area, of planning info co-production projects in partnership with the media and of setting up a network of Euro-Mediterranean journalism schools.