COPEAM Training Activity: INSIGHT OUT 2006

From 27th March until 1st of April, in Potsdam (Germany) 25 professionals in film & TV production residents in countries participating in MEDA Programme of the EU (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey) attended a 6-day course on high definition television & digital cinema, selected by EBU International Training, supported by the Euromed Audiovisual II Programme of the EU and promoted by COPEAM & ASBU.
The course has been held at HFF University of Film & Television “Konrad Wolf”, one of the Europe’s leading art academies focused on film and television production.
Participants, that succeed a competitive 2-steps selection (pre selection done by ASBU, COPEAM & EBU among the 3 Organisations’ members; final selection by HFF ), has been given the essentials for digital feature film production, TV movies or TV series production, learning from award-winning film and television experts from all over the world trough lectures, experts panels, demonstrations and screenings.
In a very short amount of time, they got a complete “input to output” demonstration on HD, an overview on HD standards and current digital production hardware and software, compare 35 mm with HD projection and experience new surround -sound systems. All aspects of production has been covered: scripting, pre-production, shooting and post-production.
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