COPEAM-EIB Transnational Newsroom in the framework of the COP28

Dubai, 4-8 December 2023

In the framework of the partnership with the EIB-European Investment Bank, COPEAM has set up a transnational newsroom to cover the COP28 United Nations Conference on Climate Change, hosted by the UAE in Dubai in December 2023.    
Under the coordination of a senior international expert and with the support of a local production team and of COPEAM staff, the 10 selected journalists worked for 3 intense days to produce news items about this huge international event, shooting, writing, recording and editing several reportages, analysis and interviews which were then published or aired by their respective media outlets.

A collaborative and productive atmosphere marked this initiative, activating a mutual-learning aptitude between the participating journalists from different media organizations:  ERT (Greece), HRT (Croatia), RTS (Serbia), TVR (Romania), PBC (Palestine), EPTV (Algeria), JRTV (Jordan), Radio Tunisienne (Tunisia), National News Agency (Lebanon), Middle East News Agency (Egypt).

Collaborations were also established with the teams of ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) and ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union) also in Dubai to cover the event.

The established project goals were fully met:

  • Provide coverage of the COP28 summit for participants’ domestic audiences;
  • Explore trans-national issues with international colleagues;
  • Increase understanding of climate change, global politics and finance;
  • Create new contacts and synergies with governments, science and business sectors and CSOs;
  • Contribute to enhancing the scope and standards in reporting climate change.